One of the most rewarding parts of becoming an Alpha Gamma Delta is our amazing sisterhood! These women become your life-long friends, and the bond of sisterhood is indescribable to anyone who is not apart of it. Once you become a member of our chapter you will feel like you gained over a hundred new sisters who will be willing to do anything for you as well as be there for you whenever you need them. Whether it is watching Bachelor, going for a drive on the parkway, or cheering on sisters at kickball and volleyball, there are wonderful and unforgettable memories to be made! 

With Covid 19 sisterhoods have taken a different approach, a virtual and socially distanced approach. In the last year some of the sisterhoods we have done are a socially distanced tie dying masks event, a virtual talent show, a Halloween themed sisterhood called Boo Bash, and even an Among Us themed sisterhood event! Right now it can be difficult to do things we would normally do but our event planning team and our sisterhood coordinator are doing an amazing job at planning events to make sure we are still able to see sisters and connect with each other during these unprecedented times! 

Sisterhood is not just for four years, it is for a lifetime. A member will always have the amazing sisterhood of Alpha Gamma Delta wherever they go!