Letter from our Recruitment Team

Greek life at Appalachian State is unique to any other greek life community. We are a welcoming and hardworking community of women who all stand for different things and firmly believe in the values each of our own chapters hold. Alpha Gamma Delta has given me the bonds I had been searching for for so many years prior to going through recruitment my freshman year. I have a group of women who I know will encourage me to become my very best self. It's an amazing feeling knowing that no matter where I am either physically or mentally, I have around 100 amazing women I know I can count on no matter the circumstance. If I need a ride, a study buddy, or someone to simply be a friend, I know these girls will have my back. While we are all so unique in our own ways, we all share the same values. We all love fiercely and are all so passionate about our sisterhood and being members of this wonderful organization. We all wish you the best of luck during this recruitment season and hope that wherever you end up, you find your home and enjoy your college experience as a member of greek life here at App State!